Little Ethiopian Restaurant
1048 South Fairfax Ave,
Los Angeles , Ca 90019


About Little Ethiopia Restaurant

Best of Little Ethiopia.


Tena yistiligne (Hello) and welcome to Little Ethiopia, an authentic Ethiopian restaurant, centered in the world’s famous cinematic capital of the world-Los Angeles, California. We are proud to present to you an exquisite and flavorful cuisine from one of the oldest countries in the world. Ethiopia, a country of three thousand years of history, thirteen months of sunshine and home of the earliest known human kind, Lucy, our ancestor.

Little Ethiopia restaurant offers a great variety of entrees featuring dishes made of beef, chicken, and lamb. As well as the vegetarian’s delights such as garlic collard greens, turmeric spiced cabbage, onion and turmeric stewed split peas, spicy red lentils and Ethiopian salad. We use herbs and spices imported directly from Ethiopia in all of our dishes to provide you with an authentic taste. Cooked to perfection to everyone’s taste and expectations we guarantee that you will have a memorable experience. At Little Ethiopia, we promise that you will eat to your heart’s content. Dining takes place in a communal setting, where you will eat out of a common plate using your hands, and where no utensils are provided, except for the non-initiated and the non-adventurous upon request.

little ethiopia Restaurant

"Coffee has social value in our society. It is deep rooted in our culture. The coffee ceremony in local areas is used mainly for social gatherings. In the mornings and evenings parents, especially mothers gather together for a coffee ceremony and also use it as a platform for exchanging information in their surroundings. It is a means of communication. When people sit down they usually spend three hours finalizing the ceremony, starting with the preparation, and then roasting to brewing it."