Little Ethiopian Restaurant
1048 South Fairfax Ave,
Los Angeles , Ca 90019


Little Ethiopia Restaurant

Best of Little Ethiopia.


Newest Discovery !
I usually eat at Meals by Genet across the street because that's the only Ethiopian restaurant I'm familiar with in LA. But when my friend and I had a craving for Ethiopian food in the middle of the day (Meals by Genet doesn't open until dinnertime), we decided to venture across the street and try Little Ethiopia Restaurant.

The food was delicious! We ordered the Yatkelilt Wot, Tibs, and Zilzil Tibs. Oh, how I love those vegetables and beef! Service was very friendly and attentive, and the injera basket was always filled. The beef cubes in the Tibs dish were cut smaller than the Tibs at MBG, but the portion was the same, if not more, and just as delicious. What's even better is that the prices at Little Ethiopia Restaurant are noticeably lower than at MBGRead More

written by:- Cheryl B.

Los Angeles Times
My Dad became quite curious about African cuisine this past Spring, so thus began my adventure into the Little Eithiopia section of LA. My first time hereRead More

written by:- Cheryl B.

The food was delicious!
Mmmm... my mouth is watering just thinking about our meal there. A low-key, casual hangout feel. Our waitress was really nice- kept refilling our water and was very understanding when we ran out of the restaurant briefly to feed the meter after spotting the parking patrol. Read More

Highly recommended!

The lentils, veggies and injra delicious
I was here last Friday for late-lunch. The service is great, the decor was homey, and the food was out of this world. I also had a nice lemonade. The meat dish that we ordered was really really well made and the highlight of the meal. The lentils, veggies and injra was delicious. Read More

written by:- Armando O.